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Just like with any property, things go wrong, things need routinely checking, and jobs need doing and with a holiday cottage, and guests also need looking after during their stay.

So Cottage Team also offer a complete range of holiday cottage and second home management services in the Peak District.  Each of these services can be purchased individually or together as a package;

Guest Meet & GREET

Cottage Team will ensure that guests are met on their arrival, show them round the cottage, make sure they have everything they need and give them the keys. If your property has been empty for 7 days or more and guests are due, then we carry out a check & refresh – carrying out pre- arrival checks for such things as heating and hot water, re-dusting etc.

In these days of COVID, many guests prefer self check-in, which means that guests can access the cottage using a key lockbox, smart lock or keypad at any time after the designated check-in time on their arrival date. To make this process a smooth as possible, we will speak with the guests before arrival to ensure they have the relevant joining instructions and talk them through and details they need. We will then also contact them after arrival to ensure they have everything they need.

We offer this service at a fixed price of £25 per cottage changeover.

Guest Support

Ensuring your guests’ stay runs smoothly and any problems are ironed out immediately is essential for good customer service.  Should there be a question, problem, fault or issue at your cottage, guests can contact Cottage Team directly so that we can resolve it, 24/7 (including key holding for lost keys).

If necessary, Cottage Team will either visit the cottage to resolve the problem, or we will co-ordinate our team of specialist contractors, under our emergency maintenance service (below). We ask all our cottage owners to agree to a pre- authorised spend of £150, above which we will contact you for authorisation. The detail of additional visits, arrangements or purchases is provided with your monthly invoice, and will always be discussed with you personally beforehand.

We offer this support service at a fixed price of £95 a year per cottage.


Cottage Team provide a routine maintenance check for your property so that we can manage any property/guest issues before they become bigger problems.

Following our visit, we will contact you  and provide full details of routine maintenance work that needs to be completed, and also any details of larger maintenance tasks we would recommend. And with our team of skilled tradesmen, we can organise the completion of the work for you.

The cost of this service will depend on the size, character, and work required.


Cottage Team believe that with a holiday cottage or a second home, the outside space is as important as the inside space.

Whether it’s mowing, strimming, re- treating the decking and garden furniture or building you a deck in the first place, you can be safe in the knowledge that we’ll care for your garden as much as we care for your cottage. Regular gardening and outside maintenance are part of the service we can offer for customers in the Peak District

The cost of this service will depend on the size, character, and work required in the garden.


Most holiday cottages use portable electrical appliances in some way so it’s important they’re regularly checked and inspected. Cottage owners are legally responsible for their guests’ safety and this involves making their equipment undergoes portable appliance testing

PAT Testing is a series of tests and inspections that determine whether a portable appliance is safe to use and fit for purpose. Everyday wear and tear can lead to damage and the risk of fire or electrical shocks, so it’s crucial all electrical equipment is checked routinely.

The cost of this service will depend on the number of items to be tested.

Carpet & up-holstery Cleaning

Our cleaning method will restore a like new appearance to every carpet we clean, however grubby and dirty it may be, helping to extend the life of your carpet. Using our professional carpet cleaning equipment will ensure you’ll get fantastic results every time. We do this using a mixture of dry cleaning and hot water extraction methods to remove deep-down dirt effectively and provide free stain protection with every clean.

Aside from the obvious benefits of removing and protecting against any stains, it will get rid of any smells, dirt or allergens trapped in the fibres. After all, we all like to make sure our cottages looks at their best for any guests.

Carpets will be touch dry in 2 – 4 hours, smelling fresh and looking their best.  Prices are typically around £17 per room, with a minimum cost of £50.

Hot Tub Management

Hot Tub’s are increasingly popular at holiday cottages. But they do require a fair bit of regular attention to keep them safe for guests.

The water in a hot tub is normally heated between 35°C and 40°C. This is the perfect temperature for the growth of bacteria such as legionella that causes Legionnaires’ disease. In response to the recent increase in the use of hot tubs, the Health and Safety Executive has published guidance for anyone responsible for managing hot tubs as part of a business activity. Whilst following the Health and Safety Guidance 282 (HSE282) is not compulsory, every holiday house owner has a ‘general duty of care’ to assess hot tub risks and implement appropriate measures to ensure guests’ safety.

In order to ensure that any bacteria is killed and water quality is strictly maintained it is essential that hot tubs are disinfected and pH and sanitiser levels are tested and recorded on a regular basis. The hot tub will need to be drained at each change over, or each week if guests are staying longer.

Cottage Team are experienced at managing Hot Tub’s in a holiday cottage setting based on the HSE guidance.

Cleaning Verification

Harmful residues and bacteria left behind after cleaning can quickly lead to guest illness or even worse – an outbreak of Norovirus or Legionella. Prevent health threats to your guests and protect your reputation by detecting harmful residues and bacteria before your guests do with ATP Cleaning Verification.

Used by luxury hotel chains worldwide, Cottage Team use the EnSURE™ Touch Cleaning Verification System and easy-to use tests detect adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy molecule of all living organisms, including harmful residues and bacteria. Hygiena’s ATP Cleaning Verification System verifies your staff are cleaning to the highest standards to ensure a clean and healthy environment.

We offer this service at a fixed price of £65 per cottage, for 10 test swabs.

Weekly Cottage CHECKs

If there is no one keeping an eye on the cottage, anything might happen and you might not be aware until the problem has escalated. So if your cottage is left unoccupied for any period of time Cottage Team provide you with a weekly cottage security and maintenance checking service. This includes:

    • Checks for forced entry, vandalism, storm or frost damage, pests, damp, checking fuel levels, guttering checks etc.
    • Ensure heating, burglar alarm, fire protection systems etc. are set correctly and operational
    • Key Holding / Access Management
    • Mail Management – mail collection, mail re direction and junk mail disposal
    • Meter readings – taking as required

We offer this support service at a fixed price of £95 a year per cottage.

Property Set-up

For cottages new to the holiday market – or undertaking a refurbishment – Cottage Team can clean and set up the property, including helping you select appropriate furniture and fixtures & fittings. From our own hands on experience we know what would be comfortable for guests providing the home from home they are seeking and add some ‘wow’ to the property, yet clean easily and wear well.

We can also provide a linen  and towel hire service for your holiday cottage, so you do not need to worry about purchasing or replacing your linen or towels.